Email :: Standard User Help

General Information

Webmail URL: ( - Prior to 10/28)
Mailbox Quota: 5 Gigabytes of storage
Maximum attachment size: 35 MB Inbound/ Outbound
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Common Tasks

How do I change my password?

Click the settings option on the top menu. Click password on the left hand menu. You will be prompted to enter your current password, new password, and a second time to confirm.

How do I forward my email?

This can be done by logging into the webmail system. Click on the settings option on the top menu. Click Mail Forwarding on the left hand menu. To enable the forward click the Enabled box. If you would also like a copy of the message to remain in the inbox click the Keep local copy box. Enter the email address(s) that you would like your email to forward to. If you would like to forward messages to more than one address enter one email address per line.

How do I set an autoresponder?

This can be done by logging into the webmail system. Click the settings option on the top menu. Click autoresponder on the left hand menu. Click the box to enable. In the Interval field, enter the number of days before the same recipient will receive the auto-response message again. If not specified, the interval defaults to one day. Set an end date for the autoresponder in the end date field. Enter your text in the autoresponder text.

How do I add/ remove/ manage folders inside of webmail?

Click on the Cog icon on the bottom left of the webmail screen and click on Manage folders. Click on the plus sign to add a new folder. To remove a folder click on the folder in question and then click the cog icon on the bottom. Click delete.

How do I set my name /signature inside of webmail?

Click on settings and then click Identities. If you have multiple addresses bound to this account you will see each Identity listed separately. Click on the Identity in question. You will now see options to set your display name and signature.

Can I import an address book into webmail?

MyCHS will be importing your addressbook from the old webmail system. If you have an external addressbook and you would like to import into the new webmail, please use the following directions. Click on address book option on the top menu followed by the import icon. You have the ability to import both a vCard and CSV file. Click the Choose Files button and locate the addressbook you would like to import. If you would like to replace the entire address book with the addresses on the import file, click the box next to Replace the entire address book

. I have email aliases. Can I send email using one of these addresses instead of my main address?

Yes, if there are additional email addresses aliased to your main account you will notice a pull down menu next to the from field in the message composition windows. Click on the pull down and select the address you would like to send from.