Change can be difficult, however, the management and support staff at MyCHS are experienced with your unique service needs. We have created a list of FAQ to answer most of your questions and concerns.

Customer Support (4)

Does MyCHS provide a customer portal?

You will receive communication from MyCHS over the next month in regards to setting up a customer portal account. Once enrolled  you can open tickets, view ticket status, view service updates, view / pay invoices, add sub-users with specific permissions, and search knowledgebase articles.  In the months after the account transition you will receive further communication from MyCHS regarding service management via the same customer portal. Until that time you will continue to modify your services via cp.mycorphosting.com.

Does MyCHS provide phone support?

Absolutely! MyCHS realizes that not every question or problem can be solved via an online help documents or back and forth ticket communications. The support representatives at MyCHS are real people with the experience to assist you.

Can my technical consultant communicate with MyCHS on my behalf?

With our powerful account portal you can add additional account contacts and provide them a login to open tickets and communicate with MyCHS on your behalf.

I would like to open tickets with MyCHS online. Is this possible?

Our powerful account portal allows for you to open and update tickets as well as viewing and paying invoices online. If you have not already enrolled please contact us.

Transition Questions (7)

I have a domain registered through Net Access, what happens to my domain name?

Your domain name is safe. If you currently have domain registration and or DNS hosting with Net Access, there will be no immediate changes. MyCHS will be contacting you when your domain name is due for renewal.

What sets MyCHS apart from other web and mail hosts?

Any company can sell you a service with control panel access. The true value of a host is often understood when support is needed. MyCHS does not believe that email only support or outsourced phone support is an acceptable option. We understand that the reliability of your services are extremely important to you. MyCHS provides live phone support from fully trained support personnel.

Will my web or mail services go down on May 1, 2014?

There will be NO abrupt changes that will cause your services to go down. Over the next couple month you will begin receiving communication from MyCHS as to upcoming changes to your services. These changes consist of improved email services with larger storage, improved web and hosting features, and an array of other add-on value services such as website management, Exchange Email with Microsoft Office bundling, email marketing solutions, and SEO to name a few. MyCHS is 100% focused on your business and would like to help you fulfill your web and mail related needs.

When will my web and mail hosting services transition to MyCHS?

MyCHS will begin providing support and service effective May 1, 2014. We will be establishing a sales and support number in the up coming weeks. Please continue to contact Net Access at 973.590.5100 until this time.

I paid Net Access beyond April 30, 2014. Will I be double billed?

You have already been identified and will not receive an invoice from MyCHS until your current service term expire. If are already received an invoice from Net Access which will extend you beyond April 30, 2014 please make the payment to Net Access.

I have an @nac.net email account. Can you help me forward my email to my domain mail account with MyCHS?

Net access will forward all verified email accounts up until September 30th 2014. We will be happy to request the forward on your behalf.

I have paid Net Access shortly before i was transitioned to MyCHS. Will i receive credit for this payment?

More likely then not, you have been identified. Please contact MyCHS billing department at  888.474.3102. We will make sure your payment is properly applied to your account.

Pre-Sales (3)

Does MyCHS support WordPress and Joomla?

Yes. MyCHS supports both of these content management systems.

Does MyCHS offer private domain registration?

Yes, please contact our sales department at 888.474.3102.

Can I purchase additional MYCHS services online?

The Developers and Staff at MyCHS are looking to roll out online setups and provisioning later this summer. Please keep a lookout for communication from MyCHS.

Email Upgrade (5)

When will my email be upgraded to the new system?

MyCHS is excited to announce that we are preparing for standard email services to be upgraded on October 28, 2014. Please review our Email Migration page for further details.

Will I need to change my account settings?

No changes in your email program or phone/ tablet will be necessary.

I have a catch-all address on the existing email server. Will this continue on the new server?

Catch-all addresses were widely used in the early days of email communications. Many email providers have discontinued the use of this practice. We will not be able to continue providing catch-all addresses, however, you are welcome to add as many email aliases as you see fit. If you need assistance with finding a solution please contact support at 973.500.6457.

I have an non-email program or server application configured to relay off the MyCHS mail server. Can this continue?

It is important that you contact support to discuss your specific situation. There is no short yes/ no answer to this question. Please contact us at 973.500.6457 to discuss your unique needs so that there is no disruption of outbound service after the migration.

Why are you upgrading the mail server?

The current email system has provided years of dependable mail service but the time has come to improve the existing service. Email program / phone / tablet settings will not require any changes to continue to receive email. The existing webmail system has been becoming rendered obsolete with recent browser upgrades. Our new webmail system will be accessible by new browsers and mobile devices. Webmail addressbooks will be moved to the new server, however, we will be unable to move calendars. Please contact support with any questions you may have.

Billing (3)

What payment methods does MyCHS accept?

We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB, and Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

I have paid Net Access shortly before i was transitioned to MyCHS. Will i receive credit for this payment?

More likely then not, you have been identified. Please contact MyCHS billing department at  888.474.3102. We will make sure your payment is properly applied to your account.

What payment terms are available?

MyCHS offers Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, and Multi-Year payment terms.