Our Mailing Address Has Changed

Please note, our mailing address has changed to

My Corporate Hosting Solutions, LLC

PO Box 998

Onley, VA 23418

Please send payment to the above address starting immediately.

Thank you.

Resolved :: Office 365 Email Issues

RESOLVED :: 2:30PM June 5th

Microsoft has reported that service has been restored for users who were having difficulties sending and receiving. We apologize for the issues. If you have any questions or are still experiencing issues, please contact support at 973.500.6457 or via email at support@mycorphosting.com.  

UPDATE :: 1PM June 5th

Microsoft continues to work towards a resolution. Many of our effected clients have resumed sending and receiving, however, we are waiting for further updates. We will, update this message at 3PM

11AM June 5th

Some Office 365 customers are having issues sending and receiving email.  Microsoft is aware of the issue and are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for the issues and  will update our outage at 1PM.

Small Business Email Issues

Monday March 27, 2023 :: 3 PM

Our engineers have corrected the login issues. Those who have been experiencing login issues may see duplicate emails.  We apologize for the issues. If you are still having difficulties accessing your email please call us at 973.500.6457.

Monday March 27, 2023 :: 12 PM

Currently, some small business email accounts are having issues sending / receiving email. If you are experiencing problems, you can access your email through https://webmail2.mycorphosting.com.

Monday March 27, 2023 :: 10 PM

Once logged in please email us at support@mycorphosting.com letting us know you are experiencing issues and we will work with our engineering team to resolve. We apologize for this issue. We will update this outage post at 2 PM Monday March 27th.

Resolved :: Inbound Phone System Problems :: 9:00 AM

Please note, our phone system is now functioning normally. We apologize for the issues. As always you can reach our staff via support@mycorphosting.com or via phone at 973.500.6457.



8:45 AM

We are currently experiencing a phone system issue with our phone system vendor. We apologize for the issue. Please email support@mycorphosting.com to request assistance and we will call you back right away.  We will update this message at 9:30 AM.



Account Portal Update

Please note, our portal has been upgraded  to fix bugs and to provide a newer modern look and function. Should you experience any issues please contact our support staff via support@mycorphosting.com.



Customer Support

RESOLVED :: some office 365 customers

9:00 PM Microsoft’s update 

Current status: Our mitigation strategy was successful in allowing users to sign into the previously impacted services. Our internal monitoring has validated this recovery and we have received positive confirmation from customer reports. We’ll continue to monitor the service and provide updates on full recovery to remaining impacted users.

8:45 PM

Microsoft has not cleared this outage, however, we have confirmed with a number of clients that things have normalized. we will continue to monitor, however, we are seeing services  normalizing.

8PM Microsoft Update:

We’re rerouting traffic to alternate infrastructure to improve the user experience while we continue to investigate the issue. Please visit status.office.com for additional information.

7:30 PM Microsoft Update:

Title: Can’t access Microsoft 365 services User Impact: Users may be unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services. More info: Users would be unable to access Outlook.com, Microsoft Teams including Teams Live Events, and Office.com. Additionally, Power Platform and Dynamics365 properties are affected by this incident. Existing customer sessions are not impacted and any user who is logged in to an existing session would be able to continue their sessions. Current status: We’ve identified that reverting the recent change did not alleviate impact to Microsoft services as expected. We’re working to explore additional options for mitigation. Scope of impact: Any user may experience access problems for Microsoft 365 services.

Microsoft 365 Service health status

Title: Can’t access Microsoft 365 services User Impact: Users may be unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services. More info: Any Microsoft 365 service that leverages Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication may be impacted by this issue. Current status: We’ve identified and are reverting a recent change to the service which may be causing or contributing to impact. Scope of impact: Any user may experience access problems for Microsoft 365 services.

RESOLVED :: Small Business Standard Email Issues

7:00 PM June 24, 2020

At this time, service has been restored for all users. We apologize for the downtime. If you have any further issues please reach out to us via support@mycorphosting.com or 973.500.6457.

6:45 PM June 24, 2020

We have been experiencing intermittent webmail and pop/ imap connections for some users over the past couple of hours. We are beginning to see things normalize over the last 15 minutes. We will update this post within the next 45 minutes. We apologize for the issues and will update things shortly.


Tech Support

UPDATE :: Small Business Standard Email Issues

9:30 PM April 28, 2020

This issue is now resolved. We apologize for the issues. 

8:30 PM April 28, 2020

At this time we are noticing improved login performance on the remaining users who are experiencing issues. We will continue to monitor and report when this case can be closed.

7:00 PM April 28, 2020

We continue to experience login issues for some email users. Our engineers have been able to correct some user mailboxes since we posted this outage, however, the issue has not been fully resolved.

We apologize for these issues and will provide another update at 8:30 PM.

6:00 PM April 28, 2020

Please note, some users are experiencing problems logging into their email. Our engineers have resolved login issues for some customers, however, there are still others who continue to experience these issues. Our engineers will continue to work on this issue and we will update this message at 7PM. We apologize for these issues and will provide another update soon.


Tech Support

COVID-19 :: We are here to help!

We want to assure our customers that we are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely. The staff of My Corporate Hosting Solutions is available to assist you with your service issues. You can reach us via web (portal.mycorphosting.com), phone (973.500.6457), and email (support@mycorphosting.com). Many of our customers will be requiring their employees to work remotely. Our email services are accessible for those working remotely. Should you need assistance please reach out to us.

In addition, Microsoft Teams is available for our Office 365 email customers who also have web apps or the office suite with us. This will allow your employees to communicate via Skype, Chat, and use other collaboration tools. If you do not currently have this available with your service please call us and we can provide this to you along with one month free with no future commitment.

If you have any other IT needs, please contact us. If we can’t help, we work with a number of other IT firms that may be able to assist you. We wish everyone well and please do not hesitate to contact us should you need our assistance.

RESOLVED :: Recurring credit card payments

March 13, 2020

We are please to announce, our recurring credit card processing system has been fixed. Because our system does not store credit card numbers, customers will have to re-enter their credit card information once logged into our portal. By entering your credit card information, your card details will be securely transmitted to our payment processing system for future payments.  We apologize for the delays in correcting this issue. If you have any questions please contact our support department at 973.500.6457 or via email at support@mycorphosting.com.


Customer Services

February 12, 2020

Please note:

Our recurring credit card processing system is currently not functioning. Our developers are working to resolve this issue. Until further notice you can login to our portal and make one-time payments or contact us at 973.500.6457 to make a payment over the phone. We apologize for this issue and will update this message when this situation has been resolved.


Customer Services