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Standard User Help
Administrative User Help

General Information

Webmail URL: ( - Prior to 10/28)
Mailbox Quota: 5 Gigabytes of storage
Maximum attachment size: 35 MB Inbound/ Outbound
PDF Administrator Guide

Common Tasks

Where can I access the administrator options?

You can access administrative options through the same webmail link. Please note, if you do not have administrative rights bound to your email account you will need to contact support to get those added. Once you login you will see an admin option on the top menu What options are available inside of Administration?

You have the ability to add / modify / delete /restore users / restore deleted email. You can also add aliases and forwards/ basic mailing lists.

How do I add a user / forward?

Once you enter the Admin section click on the add user button. In addition to setting a new user you can also set forwarding and limit send/ receive / webmail capabilities.

How do I create a user alias?

For an already existing user, navigate to the Admin section, click users, and click on the user you wish you add an alias for. Enter the alias in the aliases field. If you would like to add more than one alias you can put one on each line.

How can I restore email that has been deleted in error by one of my users?

Click users on the left hand menu and then click the user in which you would like to restore email for. Their email address is now displayed on the left hand menu towards the bottom. Click restore email and then select which folders you would like to search for messages to restore. You have the ability to search by from, to, and subject. Please note, there are 14 days of backups available.

How do I create a basic mailing list?

Mailing lists are actually a forward in this mail system. When you add a new user select forward as the type. Set the name of the address. Under forwarding set the reply-to address you would like set if someone replies back to the message. You can also set a subject prefix such as [Issue Form]. If you would like to limit replies to those on the recipients field you will need to click the restricted box. Next, add the email addresses of those who are to receive the mailing list in the recipients field.