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General Facts

My Corporate Hosting Solutions is on track to upgrade the standard email service which will occur on Tuesday October, 28, 2014. As mentioned previously, no email settings will change. Your existing username/ password will remain the same on the new system. At this time all email accounts have been created on the new server and account administration has been disabled on the old system. We ask that you encourage your staff to test their login via If anyone is unable to login with their existing email address and password please contact support at 973.500.6457.

If you serve as an administrator to your company's email you will have an "Admin" menu option inside of webmail. If you are an administrator and do not have this option please contact support for assistance as will no longer be used for account changes starting Tuesday October 28, 2014.

We have included help documentation on the left hand column of this announcement and our Email Upgrade page. Please review the documentation as it will provide assistance on the new system.

Important Information:

  • 10 PM 10/27/2014 Monday:: Those using email programs will begin seeing the new email server sometime during the overnight hours. If your email program does not see the new server in the overnight hours and it is vital that you access new messages you can view them via the new webmail system via
  • 7AM 10/27/2014 Tuesday all webmail and email program users should be seeing the new server. If you are unable to access the new webmail system you can access it via
  • If you closed your email program Monday afternoon, you will not see messages which were sent to you from that point until 10PM 10/27/2014. These messages will flow through to the new server at some point on Tuesday October 28th. If it is vital that you access these messages you can view them on the old webmail system via
  • Webmail / IMAP / Mobile Device users may not see messages that arrived prior to the new server. These messages will flow through to the new server at some point on Tuesday October 28th. If it is vital that you are able to access these older messages you can access them via
  • Non-urgent Support Requests

    Please note, we expect longer than usual hold times on Tuesday October 28th. For non-urgent requests please login to the account portal to open a ticket or email A support representative will assist you quickly as possible. If you have any unanswered questions after you have read through our documentation, please contact us and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you further. We are looking forward to providing our customers an overall better email experience.